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Visual Films: The Fall

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The Fall


Directed by Tarsem

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  1. Totally watching this right now! I could frame almost every shot in this movie and put it on my wall. So goddamn beautiful.

    Although one of my favorite parts is the stop-motion surgery scene, and you didn’t even include it, so maybe we can’t be friends anymore.

    • Augh, I thought about taking a shot from that, but instead I went with the earlier frames from that scene.

      Do you know those moviebarcodes? I wish I had one of those for this movie, but where I can pick out each frame to see at a time.

  2. Ah, The Fall. I love this movie. I agree with Alex – every shot could be framed. After this and The Cell, I can’t wait to see what he does with Immortals.

    And Lee Pace? Om nom nom nom nom….

  3. I’ve been meaning to get the Blu-Ray of this for so long. It’s weird how I don’t typically like children in movies (or life; I’m a monster) yet I’m a sucker for big, bold fairy tales with children (and did we seriously not mention this film in the podcast we did? Or maybe I’m praising the movie as a whole over Catinca Untaru’s work. Pan’s Labyrinth would have been another good choice, now that I think about it). These movies tend to hang on threadbare plots, but then most children’s tales do; the best ones, though, have such rich dressing that you remember them the rest of your life.

    • OH you are gonna love the next episode of Some Cast It Hot.

      I know! As I was watching it I was thinking to myself: Why did we not mention The Fall?

      And I think simple plots work well a lot of the time: for fairy tales, especially so.

      • notjustmovies

        The simplicity makes them stick better. It’s not inherently a weakness if you make something memorable out of a straightforward (or, in the case of this more convoluted dreamscape) unabashedly stylistic piece.

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