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False Advertisement

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My American Independent Film teacher just emailed us our syllabus for the semester.  On the front page it says “Should probably be called New American Cinema.”

Oh.  Now you tell me.

Not that I’m not excited to learn about New American Cinema, which is a rather big hole in my movie-watching habits, but it definitely the likelihood of my predictions by a mile.

The three that I got right: Stranger Than Paradise (1983); Synedoche, New York (2008); The Future (2011)

And as a brief means of defending my dignity, I did get a lot of auteurs right.  We are going to be watching plenty of Cassavetes, a Spike Lee, a Steven Soderbergh, some Gus Van Sant.

The thing is, New American Cinema is different from American Independent if only that the former inspired the latter.  We’re watching a lot more Altman, Scorsese, and Coppola than I would have expected, but really I should have seen at least two Malick films.

Anyway, I’m not gonna bother listing out the syllabus, but hopefully there will be some posts forthcoming under the “Movie Class Film” tab.